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Simple flower Packages


Fixed Prices for 2024 to 2025

Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet             £90

Hand-tied Bridesmaid Bouquet   £50

Jam Jar or tin can posies              £15

Button Holes                                  £6.50

Flower Girl Posy                             £30

button hole.jpg

This type of flower package might suit you if you're short on time or planning to elope here to beautiful Cornwall.

It's simple. Just get in touch to check your date is available, then choose your colour scheme and the number of items you want then sit back and leave the rest to me.

Pink, yellow, blue, orange, green, white, red, purple or multicolored. Choose one of my colour schemes which are available from March to September. Flower varieties will be completely growers' choice and by what I have in season and available. When you order a number of jam jars within a colour scheme the flowers may vary between jars. My colour schemes will likely involve a variety of shades within the chosen colour theme.

A consolation is not included in this package. If you are searching for flowers that are truly unique to you and exactly how you want them please see my bespoke wedding page and book a consultation with me. 

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